Happy Thanksgiving from Macau!

I'm thankful for many things in 2017. I'm thankful that I have become stronger alongside my dragon boat friends. I'm thankful to have become a more¬†impassioned teacher for my students. I'm thankful that I got to celebrate my 24th birthday with those who love me. I'm thankful to live in this crazy, beautiful country that... Continue Reading →


Home Away From Home

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Today marks the 15th day of the 8th lunar cycle this year. The Chinese celebrate by hanging lanterns in the street, eating mooncakes, and gathering with loved ones. I think it's something similar to America's Thanksgiving where we celebrate the fall harvest by eating with friends and family. Today, our lovely Xinjiang... Continue Reading →

Intercultural Exchange

Hurricane Irma I'm glad to hear my friends and family are safe after the storm. I want to revise some of the previous comments I made about global warming in my last post. After seeing many similar comments on social media, I realized that it's very easy to make such comments, but much harder to... Continue Reading →

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