Guest Author, Spencer T. Bennington: West Meets East

Pre-Flight International flights are good time for reflection because, what else can you do? Some people reflect on sermons, scientific theories, or works of literature—I watch movies. Sports movies....superhero movies....movies that usually have something to do with men trying to figure out what it means to be a to be a son, a brother,... Continue Reading →


Video for Southeast Asia Trip

I dedicate this video to my Cambodian homestay family. I experienced many things I cannot put into words, so I hope this video does that for me. In other news, this product is 1,000x better than my first attempt on iMovie -- I'm so proud of myself for improving! I learned that I need to... Continue Reading →

Faith, Family, & Food

Dear Mom, Happy Birthday!!! I just got home from the 10 day trip you encouraged me to take. I am grateful to have a mother like you, someone who continually pushes me out of my comfort zone. As a child, you would always make me order food on the phone and go inside the restaurant... Continue Reading →

Summah Down Undah

I sit here trying to wrack my brain about what I’m going to put in the Sydney post. On the one hand, my blog is an academic space, somewhere to document my Fulbright experience. Perhaps I could talk about visiting Australia through the lens of "intercultural communication." Perhaps I could talk about how Spencer has... Continue Reading →


One degree above the equator, and you start to see things....differently. An ordinary city on an ordinary river, but....hey, wait a second! It looks like Tampa! An ordinary cat on an ordinary lap, but....what's that? She purrs like Zeus and Shadow. Parallax: the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when... Continue Reading →

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