Guest Author, Spencer T. Bennington: West Meets East

Pre-Flight International flights are good time for reflection because, what else can you do? Some people reflect on sermons, scientific theories, or works of literature—I watch movies. Sports movies....superhero movies....movies that usually have something to do with men trying to figure out what it means to be a to be a son, a brother,... Continue Reading →


New Year, New Me

Each new year gives us the chance to shed our past and become a new and improved version of ourselves. After my return from Sydney, I was falling fast. I felt overwhelmed with securing a job for when I get home, figuring out what to do with my new free time this semester, and dealing... Continue Reading →

M-Goi’s the Word!

Nei Hou (Hello) I've waited a couple of weeks now to start this blog because #1 there wasn't much to talk about and #2 I was interrupted by Typhoon Hato. We spent about a week in Macau completing internal paperwork before the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong invited us over for what was supposed to... Continue Reading →

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