Trip to South Korea

I haven't been writing a lot lately. I think the earlier version of me was a lot more excited to write about the expectations I had for this journey. As it nears the end, I can safely say it's turned out to be something completely other than what I imagined. I thought my partner and... Continue Reading →


New Year, New Me

Each new year gives us the chance to shed our past and become a new and improved version of ourselves. After my return from Sydney, I was falling fast. I felt overwhelmed with securing a job for when I get home, figuring out what to do with my new free time this semester, and dealing... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving from Macau!

I'm thankful for many things in 2017. I'm thankful that I have become stronger alongside my dragon boat friends. I'm thankful to have become a more¬†impassioned teacher for my students. I'm thankful that I got to celebrate my 24th birthday with those who love me. I'm thankful to live in this crazy, beautiful country that... Continue Reading →

Finding My Niche

After a few months in Macau, I feel like I'm finally starting to settle in. I've attended local events, accomplished menial life tasks, and made friends with strangers! I've also reaffirmed what I love about teaching and giving myself to others through my work. Last week was Mark's birthday and we celebrated in the park... Continue Reading →

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