Summah Down Undah: Sydney, Australia

I sit here trying to wrack my brain about what I’m going to put in the Sydney post. On the one hand, my blog is an academic space, somewhere to document my Fulbright experience. Perhaps I could talk about visiting Australia through the lens of “intercultural communication.” Perhaps I could talk about how Spencer has supported me through every step of the Fulbright process. On the other hand, this post is an opportunity for me to brag about Spencer and our relationship and how much fun we had. But both of these options wouldn’t be the full story.

In pictures, we literally capture snapshots of [staged] happiness. When I display these photos, people will look at them and say “Wow, what a great trip!” But what they won’t know is all that happened behind the scenes. Part of me wants to share those moments so that people don’t get it twisted — I want them to know that relationships are actually a lot of hard work and effort. The other part of me says it’s none of their business and they don’t need to know the whole truth, anyway, only we do.

What I do know is that I want to share our love and happiness with my friends and family. I want to show them some of the good times we had, the happy snapshots. I want to begin and end each year with Spencer. I want him to know how thankful I am and how I blessed I feel that he continues to remain by my side through thick and thin (eh s’cliche).

Sydney, Australia

#1 on our list: Netflix and Chill

Season 2 of The Crown, Fresh Prince, Big Mouth, The Other Guys, Elf, The Town, When Harry Met Sally, etc. etc.

#2 on our list: Food Porn

Donuts, Moo Burgers, Mackies, Hungry Jacks, Oporto, Guzman y Gonzalez, Angry Tonys, Rushcutters Bay Cafe, Tobys Estate, etc. etc.

Us pretending to walk around and balance out all the naughty food.

#3 on our list: Become best friends with a koala bear

#4 on our list: Stunt at the beach

Bondi Beach

#5 on our list: Do touristy ‘cuda tings

Sydney Opera House lookin’ like folks who appreciate art and culture
Spencer making friends with the other chirrens
Pika Pi!!
Thank God we went to the park that night!
View of St. Mary’s Cathedral and Hyde Park from Australian Museum

#6 on our list: Learn something

Sydney is Eora country
My sweet love of mine taking the time to share with me something he cares about a lot

#7 on our list: Love

My Darling Harbour
All flared out for Star Wars
The most fu**ed up Instagram post of the week! UH-OH!

Being introspective af @ the Sydney Tower.

12 Days of Nat!

Happy New Year!

Well, there you have it, that’s our trip.

Flying across the globe is an easy decision when you know your partner is on the other side waiting for you.

I’m entering 2018 as a new person (new year, new me). But seriously, as I reflect on 2017 and think about all the ways I have improved, I have Spencer to thank for most of it. He encourages me to be more patient, open-minded, honest, and loving. In a way, this does translate to my Fulbright experience because all of these traits are necessary when adapting to a new country and becoming the role model students need.

So, thank you, Spencer. Thank you for a wonderful trip to Australia and for being an accountable man. Thank you for annoying the crap outta me, but then making me laugh about it. Thank you for always communicating with me and thinking of new ways to love me.

Here’s to a happy new year with you!

Fun fact: Australia is full of poor signage.


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