One degree above the equator,

and you start to see things….differently.


An ordinary city on an ordinary river, but….hey, wait a second! It looks like Tampa!


An ordinary cat on an ordinary lap, but….what’s that? She purrs like Zeus and Shadow.

Parallax: the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions

You pick-up, you drop-off, you eat, you laugh, you come home.

You feel as if the world is somehow….different.

But it’s not the world that’s changed — it’s your perspective of it.


Take an elevator to the 13th floor of the government houses in Little India.

From this view, you are awarded with Singapore’s deeper and richer histories

inlaid with the new.


Singapore is a paradise.

Apparently, paradise is filled with

inspiration and gratitude


love and friendship.


At night, when you curl up in your space pod, remember how they sang to you

in the temple,

on the bridge,

and in the lights.


Fun fact: Singapore’s population is 76% Chinese, 15% Malay, and 9% Indian. They exist in multiracial harmony (by law).


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  1. I keep rereadig this one trying to figure out what to say–the one thing that keeps coming to mind though is how I don’t ever think I’ve seen you write poetry. This feels like poetry to me and seeing you think and express yourself in that form is so cool–you amaze me by never settling into one style or routine. Always growing and changing, always becoming, always the enlightened traveler. I hope someday you and I can have the impact on people that I know this place had on you–I have a feeling we will 🙂

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