Origin Stories

When Watchmen first came out in 2009, I loved it. I loved the visuals, the soundtrack, and the message — sometimes you have to kill millions to save billions. Not that I’m planning to harness Dr. Manhattan’s radioactive life energy to blast holes through the Earth anytime soon, but I liked that, Adrian, the smartest man in the world, could see past the present and act for the greater good of the future.

Later, I started to realize the ridiculousness, non-seriousness, and hilarity of life. For me, if you’re not having fun, you’re not living. If you take things too seriously, you’re doing too much. Relax. It’s all a joke anyway. And not in a sadistic, rampage way — like The Comedian — but I mean, it’s just funny.

Take, for example, my life growing up where on several occasions I was told to “GO BACK TO CHINA!”

Well, Mrs. and Mr. Bully, I am going to China! (But not back because this will be my first time.) So HA! Joke’s on you!

The point is to forget the insults and move on with your life. I’m happy my life has a purpose. After all, I’ve been planning it for quite some time.