Where to next?

Can you guess?

My experience talking to Western Europeans has taught me that I haven’t explored my home country to its fullest. They tell me they’ve visited America and have seen Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, New York City, and other noteworthy places the US has to offer. Meanwhile, I disregarded my own country’s beauty to explore theirs.

However, I do not regret this. I had a blast living out my childhood dreams of exploring Europe, save for the extreme homesickness and places I missed! Still, America will always be my home and I feel like I’ll always have time to explore it, even when I’m older.

That is why my next stop is China!

I am young and I need to move around! I need to use all this energy on something worth while! I plan to teach English to Chinese students. The program I have been accepted to is very supportive, both financially and socially. While the transition will still prove to be a challenge, my curiosity and hunger for answers will drive me to succeed. I can’t wait to visit the land of my mother.

“The Orient”




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